On royal and other weddings

12 May 2011 § 1 Comment

Two weeks after the Royal Wedding event of the century (so far, anyway) I find friends abroad still asking me if I went to London to “attend” the wedding. Now, it just so happens that the evening before the wedding I *did* go down to London, but conveniently it was for reasons unrelated to the wedding – to see my university BFF and sister from another mister, Artemis, and to meet up with another uni friend (the same one who dubbed me Knewgyptian, in fact) who was visiting London from Philly.

Now, despite the fairly long-term crush I had on Wills between the ages of say, 18-21, (see: Newgyptian loves tortured white boys with mommy issues) I actually wasn’t that bothered by all the wedding hoopla. I found the paraphernalia amusing and may have purchased an item or two to send to friends outside England, but mostly I was interested in it as part of a cultural-historical experience. One day I’d look back and say, “Why, yes, I was in London the day they got married.”

Of course, this didn’t stop me from “casually” trying to get Artemis and Bill to at least join the crowds in Hyde Park to watch the nuptials together on the big screen. But laziness took over and Artemis and I opted instead to just watch it at her home. Which I kind of regret now as it seems like we missed out on some fun and cupcakes.

I certainly did not expect to be moved by the wedding, but I was, and towards the end of the ceremony I begged Artemis not to judge me if I started tearing up a bit. It’s just that, despite a lifelong dislike of weddings, since participating in my own (which I brattily griped about every step of the way and took all the fun out of for my mother and sister who LOVE weddings) I’ve found myself becoming increasingly sentimental about other people’s weddings, engagements and the like. I just barely managed to stave off the tears, but I will admit it was difficult, especially when Wills would look over at Kate and smile this smile of barely repressed joy and a little relief. Maybe I read too much into these things, but it was a look I recognized as one that passed between PG and myself several times during the course of our own ceremony, all, “Holy crap! We did it! We managed it! Woooooot!”

Prior to the Royal Wedding I didn’t care much either way, but I can say now that I’m definitely rooting for those two crazy kids, hoping that they’ll make a good go of it.

And for anyone out there who’s still feeling the loss of Wills from the eligible bachelor market, this message seen outside a London cafe the day after the wedding is for you:

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