So I married a guy

26 June 2011 § 2 Comments

Scenes from a Sunday morning breakfast

Me: Mind if I finish the Rice Krispies?

PG (not looking up from his tablet): Huh? I didn’t even know we had Rice Krispies left over [from when I made RK treats last week].

Me: You mean, when you went to prep the coffee machine every night this week you didn’t notice the gigantic blue box of cereal next to the machine?

PG (looking up, seeing aforementioned giant blue box): Oh. I guess I was vaguely aware of a presence next to the machine but it didn’t click.

GIANT box of Rice Krispies which went unnoticed by PG for a week

Me: So…I guess you don’t mind if I finish them then?

PG (staring at tablet again): <silence>

Someone remind me to come back to this post if ever PG doesn’t notice that I’ve gotten a haircut, lost a tooth, bought a new dress, etc. Also, I’m never leaving him alone with the (possible) kids.

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