About this blog

This is the definition of Farangi according to Wikipedia:

Farangi, firang, firangi or parangi is a term for foreigners in Persian, with particular reference to Westerners, possibly linked to the West Germanic tribe of the Franks that became the biggest political power in Western Europe during the early Middle Ages. The word in Arabic (faranji or ferenji) is similar and the word farangi also appears in Amharic, and Urdu in reference to western Europeans.”

I am a 30 something Egyptian-American (Born-Raised) woman who is married to a lovely Western European (also of hyphenated identity, but I won’t say what just yet) convert to Islam, and we are both trying to navigate the practical and psychological realities of that decision.

While going through my own experience of breaking the news to my conservative Muslim parents that I wanted to marry a non-Egyptian convert I kept wondering “where are the voices of other women who have experienced this? Why is it so hard to find information about this?” Most of what I was finding out there were stories of cross-cultural couples whose families were totally fine with it. Or Romeo and Juliet stories that didn’t end well. So I thought I’d be the change I wanted to see in the world, or something like that.

Despite occasionally heavy content, this blog is indeed meant to be a lighthearted jaunt through the trials, tribulations and glories of cross-cultural, cross-religious, cross-communal relationships.

Disclaimer 1: For all you Arab Muslim (might as well be Jewish) mothers out there, I am in no way trying to encourage your precious daughters (or sons for that matter) to abandon their fellow countrymen and run with arms wide open to the first white man they see. I’m not the Pied Piper of single Arab women. I’m just here to say – it might happen; it will probably suck for a while; and you will all live to tell the tale – hopefully laughingly.

Disclaimer 2: For all the potential Farangis/white people reading this blog please do not take offense to my occasionally disparaging tone when I talk about white people. I love y’all enough to have married one of you and wholeheartedly embraced your sometimes mysterious ways (what’s UP with the persistent bright-eyed cheeriness??), but sometimes you’ve just got to take the piss. And please don’t take a tone with me about actually also being a white person. (I had a roomie in college who went nuts when I would refer to myself as other than White even if I do like a lot of the same Stuff White People Like. I will grudgingly cop to being Caucasian, but that’s it.)

And now, let the blogging begin!


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