About (K)newgyptian

The general consensus about me seems to be that I’m easy to get to know and hard to figure out.

The name Knewgyptian came about once upon a time in my freshman year of college. My GA’s favorite game to play was, “Ask S. where she’s from!” Prior to college I’d spent six years in Kuwait. Before that I’d spent eight years (but not all at once) in New Jersey. I was born and lived for the first three years of my life in Egypt. So my friend Bill, bless his heart, decided to take some steam out of my GA’s game-playing and dubbed me a “Knewgyptian”. The name does not reflect all the places I’ve lived (and plan to live), but it’s proven a neat little label for the places which have perhaps had the greatest influence on me during my developmental years.

Nothing throws me into a fit of confusion quite like the question “Where are you from?” except for maybe the question, “Why do you blog?”

Why I started is an easy enough question to answer. I started off blogging here (now locked, email me if you’re really dying to read that mess) in 2004 as a way of keeping in touch with a few trusted friends across the globe. My friends are the sort who hate mass emails, but don’t mind reading blogs. (Nyah, nyah, tricked you!)

Why I kept on blogging is a little bit harder for me to explain – especially as I am by force of habit and nature a fairly private person. I’m still trying to figure that out, but I can say that I’ve found it’s generally easier for me to share some parts of my life with virtual strangers than with my closest friends. In any case, I shut down that last blog because I was moving on in my life, and I didn’t necessarily want certain people continuing to follow along.

But I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed having a place to share my stories. I’ve missed being a part – albeit a small part – of the global blogging community. Maybe for a nomad like me, nothing feels more like home than having a place to “be” no matter where I am in the world.

So here I am again. Hopefully to stay.  I’m looking forward to it.

~S., the (K)newgyptian


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